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Access Control

Access control is an excellent management tool to tighten up your security and keep track of employees and visitors during the work day.


What is Access Control?

Access control restricts how and when people enter or exit an area. Individual security needs will determine how that is accomplished.  Access Control Systems monitor people or vehicles in a restricted area and identify individuals through the use of coded keys, magnetic cards, or biometric readers which include hand, face, voice, finger of retina readers. These systems are used in many businesses, hotels and apartment complexes.


Where can I put an Access Control System?

Our access control solutions range from single-door, stand-alone systems to fully-featured and integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements.

What are the benefits of Access Control?

Access control systems allow you to control who can access what doors, it documents in your computer where and when an area is approached. This types of control systems can automatically lock or unlock doors at designated times and restrict access to individuals who are unauthorized to be there.


Our complete line of Access Control products:

  • Magnetic locks
  • Combination locks
  • Electric strikes
  • Panic bars
  • Biometric access control
  • Proximity card systems
  • Photo ID systems
  • Keypad access
  • Door buzzers


Below are some common features of an electronic Access Control system :


Limit Access

You can choose to allow users to access certain doors at certain times, while allowing other users full access.



You can automate the doors to be open at certain times and locked at other times.


Replaces the Key

Managing keys can be a nightmare. If you use a different key for every door it can be cumbersome to carry them, and time consuming to look for the right key. We all know that keys are easily lost, can be easily duplicated, and terminated employees often do not return keys.


Access control systems eliminates this concern by deleting the card from the system to deny the former user access. In most cases the annual cost of re-keying a facility alone will justify the cost of an electronic access control system.


Track Access

One of the biggest advantages of an electronic access control system is the ability to document and report access activity. This can provide you with critical information before and after an incident. We offer Web-based Access Control.


Visual Verification

By including color-coded distinctive badges access systems can readily identify visitors, temporary employees, contractors and regular full time employees.

You can also include a photo of the user on each card which helps you know who the card user is and to whom it was issued.


Hardware and Software

We offer versatile, reliable and expandable control panels and hardware for your access security system. Our web-based Access control can help you monitor who and when people are getting access.



We offer card readers for multiple companies. Request a company and we will order and install it for you.


Integration and Coordination

Your Access Control System can be connected and coordinated with other systems including burglar and fire alarms, closed circuit television, attendance recording, control of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.



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