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CCTV, Intercoms, Alarms, Access Control and more.


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24/7 Emergency Service

Burglar Alarm

Pro Locksmith & Security only sells the top brands of security alarms for the home and business.


Combining technology and trusted quality, Pro Locksmith & Security offers residential and commercial burglary alarm systems. Our burglar alarm systems are monitored 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week by a central station to provide you with the highest assurance. In case of an alarm situation, our monitoring services immediately notifies you and the related emergency services.


Pro Locksmith & Security can customize your burglar alarm systems with the most advanced technology devices protecting Interior and Exterior perimeter.


Our technologies include:

- Motion detectors

- Door and window sensors

- Glass breaker

- Siren

- Panic Alarm Buttons

- Wireless Panic Buttons


We guarantee professional and proper installation from the beginning because the right installation with the right equipment reduces false alarm signals making sure your system is only activated when you need it and no other time.


ProLocksmith & Security handles the top brands in the industry.

More Security For You

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Advanced Remote Controls

Fire and burglar alarms are covered by live attendants who are constantly being trained in the latest security technologies and procedures.

Burglar Alarms Installation Service in Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.


It isn't easy selecting an intrusion protection system for your home or business. You want something that is affordable but reliable, effective but not intrusive, state-of-the-art but not too complex.


It's time to consult the experts at Pro Locksmith & Security. We can advise you on exactly what kind of burglar alarm system will work best for your situation and budget.


24-hour monitoring via:

Phones lines (copper wire lines)

VOIP (voice over the internet)

Cellular (with approved units)

Monitored from central station



Complete service and maintenance

You won't have to worry about your system going down unexpectedly. The skilled technicians at Pro Locksmith & Security will make routine checks and correct any potential issues.

With our many years of providing you with the best security technology on the market,

Pro Locksmith & Security offers remote control technology that allows you to control your system from almost anywhere in the world. If you have internet access you can control your system. Its as simple as that !




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